Auto Repair and Tire Service in Westerville, OH

Joe DiPietro -  I started my business in 1978 with $5000 I had saved and some big dreams. My first purchase was a electronic computer wheel balancer which was new to the industry and state of the art at that time. Changing tires was done on an old manual tire changer. My first 5 years in business I worked by myself on anything from wheelbarrow tires to semi truck tires. I sold mostly used and retread tires along with new. As time went on we added auto service to the business went through 3 building expansions. In 2003 I built my dream facility, a 10,000 sq ft building equipped with all the latest in state of the art equipment. We are truly a family operated business with my wife, my brother and 2 of my sons working here. I feel that we can still offer good old fashion personal customer service that seems to be disappearing with all the large corporate chain stores. My number one goal has always been keeping my customers happy and coming back.

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